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Meet our lovely team

If it’s true that home is where your heart beats, home for us is surely in Maremma.
This enchanting stretch of Southern Tuscany with its post-impressionist landscapes, unspoilt pine-scented sandy beaches, beautiful Etruscan archeological sites and medieval walled villages, olive tree groves and vineyardswill take your breath away.
The Maremma region has the potential to become an international Top Destination and we believe that authenticity, quality, dedication and care are the main ingredients to achieve this challenging goal.
Friends since high-school, we share values, interests and a vision: a website where to find the best villas and apartments, the most authentic activities-tours, and many additional services for a unique travel and life experience.
Discover the wild heart of Tuscany, explore the Maremma region with us.
Valentina Fedele CEO & CoFounder
I am a graphic and web designer with experience in vacation rentals and tourism. Passionate about arts, design and nature.
Hobbies: photography, raku and painting, latino dance.
Places: Castiglione della Pescaia, Pitigliano, Barcellona.
Motto: your only limit is you.
Carlotta Poggiaroni COO & CoFounder
I am a creative marketing and business development professional with extensive work experience in Italy and in the UK. Passionate about architecture, design and the visual arts.
Hobbies: kitesurfing, trail-running, horse-riding and photography.
Places: Punta Ala, Talamone Bay and London.
Motto: FEAR – face everything and rise.
Valeria Ricciuti BDM
I am an Innovation Manager with experience in designing European projects and destination marketing strategies. I love travelling and have two curious children.
Hobbies: tennis, rollerblade, and many others.
Places: Castiglione della Pescaia, Alberese, Paris.
Motto: Throw your heart over the fence and find beauty everywhere
Giancarlo Dell'Orco Destination Manager
I am a Destination Manager passionate about engaging the local travel players and creating experiential tourism strategies. I work as a teacher, consultant and trainer for Universities, training agencies and private companies.
Hobbies: traveling, horse-riding, photography.
Places: Gavorrano, Milan, Camerino, Bari.
Motto: You need tourist products and experiences to create a travel destination.
Lorenzo Suffritti Developer
I am a web and mobile developer with a good background in UI / UX design. I love technology, Maremma, chocolate, and I'm a dreamer.
Hobbies: juggling, basketball, videogames and human sciences.
Places: Maremma, London, New York, Amiata.
Motto: You gotta do what makes you happy
Janie Holstein BDM USA
I'm an attorney from Saint Louis, Missouri recently re-located to Maremma for love. I'm passionate about outdoor recreation, historic preservation, and food and wine.
Hobbies: gardening, hiking, traveling.
Places: Massa Marittima, Saint Louis, Buca delle Fate.
Motto: Opportunity is all around us.
Giacomo Spinsanti Photographer
Biologist by profession, I’ve always been amazed by photography since when I was a child. I have a strong passion for nature, landscapes, and seascapes, perfectly connected with the deep love for my homeland, the Tuscan Maremma.
Hobbies: photography, travelling.
Places: Grosseto
Motto: Vivesse Maremma morrei contento! (Leopoldo II° di Lorena, Granduca di Toscana
Chiara Beni Tour guide & Blogger
I am an art historian and certified tour guide. I conceive and organise events related to culture and food&wine, educational labs and various workshops. I love writing about Maremma and discovering new things about this region, that never ceases to amaze me every day.
Hobbies: cooking, traveling, flea markets.
Places: Massa Marittima, Montemassi, Prague.
Motto: Live deliciously.
Elisa Orlando Photographer & Blogger
I am a photographer and travel blogger. My aim is to communicate my feelings about the places I visit and experiences I live through words and images. I am a sommelier and wine educator.
Hobbies: calligraphy, hiking and travel.
Places: Tuscan countryside.
Motto: a rolling stone gathers no moss.
Giacomo Decesaris Legal Advisor
Hobbies: vespa club, MTB, musica.
Places: Castiglione della Pescaia, Londra.
Motto: There is always a second chance.