Why LoveMaremma?

Our passion and values

This online platform lovemaremma.com was created with the aim to promote the beautiful Maremma region, certainly the most enchanting and the wildest part of Tuscany.

The trademark LoveMaremma simply embodies: passion, professionalism, reliability and above all quality.

We launched the platform to support and promote those local companies and services which share with us the following values and criteria: fondness for the Maremma region with a true sense of belonging, green consciousness, respect and care for the human capital, customer care culture, constant research and thrive for excellence. All companies and businesses that choose to be on LoveMaremma.com, essentially become ‘Ambassadors of Maremma, Tuscany’ in Italy and abroad. LoveMaremma mission is to support and promoite the so called ‘universal tourism‘ approach, which is responsible, sustainable, and accessible for everyone (cultural, religious, urban, gender accessibility), mostly in those beautiful less traveled destinations that are not present in the travel market due to their  poor level of digitisation and technology.

We strongly believe that a shared vision for the future and shared projects, based upon digital innovation and technology, are central for the development and growth of our region, We should inspire and educate future generations on the importance of local history, culture, innovation.

Our amazing heritage can seriously become one of the main economic resources of our region. Very often local citizens are not aware of the beauty surrounding them and do not appreciate the place they live in, where else they could be the best ambassadors of their region.

Maremma was a land of endless marshes, extreme poverty and diseases and it took all the hard work and drive of our predecessors to become as flourishing as it is today. With the same determination and purpose we could work together to develop the full potentials of our unique region.

If you share our vision, join our platform LoveMaremma.com

Our values